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One of the key activities of IFC Bank is Private Banking services.

Bank specialists enjoy significant experience in this field and a deep understanding of the exceptional needs of affluent private clients. IFC Bank offers a wide range of high-quality banking services and excellent customer care. IFC Bank’s Private Banking program is based on two fundamental principles. First and foremost, this is an individual approach to the requirements, wishes and interests of clients: all services are provided via the Bank’s institute of personal managers, this greatly simplifying communications with the Bank. The second important principle is absolute privacy.

Whenever and wherever possible, IFC Bank seeks to be useful to its clients, offering exclusive services of Lifestyle Management: from selecting unusual gifts, gathering wine collections, arranging lease and purchase of real estate, yachts and aircraft to household staff selection and planning of recreations.

We hope that our cooperation will be truly efficient and our clients will not only be able to properly control their funds, but also get pleasure from life and their wealth.