IFC Bank has been recognised as†the Best Private Bank of†Russia 2021

7 September

JSC†JSCB International Financial Club has become the winner in†the nomination of†the Best Private Bank of†Russia 2021 according to†the international financial magazine Global Finance.

During the recent years IFC Bank has been increasing and strengthening the expertise in†the area of†business credit and private banking. Remaining a†private bank International Financial Club has managed to†offer to†its customers an†efficient and flexible model of†cooperation to†solve particular problems.

The staff of†the magazine together with the experts analysed activities of†financial institutions all over the world and identified the best of†them by†the aggregate services rendered and by†the separate indicators. These awards are the internationally recognised standard of†the quality of†financial services.

Since the time of†establishment of†Global Banking &†Finance Awards in†2011 the awards have been indicating innovations, achievements, strategies, progressive and inspiring changeswhich occur in†the global financial community.

The awards have been established to†recognise companies of†any size which distinguish themselves in†certain areas of†expertise and advanced experience in†the financial world. The banking awards and financial awards of†Global Finance are known to†the whole world bank and financial community as†a†symbol of†superiority.